Our Directors

  • Connie Changwa

    Connie Changwa

    Tutor in English and Afrikaans, is a young woman with many dreams and aspirations, from being a helping hand in society, to cosmetics, to women empowerment and being a Jesus enthusiast. She firmly believes in unleashing the hidden potential in individuals that they never knew they had, and this is what she aims to achieve with every student she crosses paths with.
  • Eugene Msipa

    Eugene Msipa

    Tutor in I.T., CAT and Geography, holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is an aspiring entrepreneur in the fields of education and I.T. He has a kind and gentle nature that causes many to gravitate towards him. He enjoys a good laugh, good food and his level of diligence when it comes to any task he is presented with is exceptional and unmatched.
  • Mikal Subramoney

    Mikal Subramoney

    Tutor in Mathematics and Science, pursued a degree in Nuclear Science and Mechanical Engineering and is currently working towards obtaining a degree in Theology. He is a bubbly and bold young man and is able to adapt his personality in order to relate with any individual he encounters. He is also an avid gamer who can almost be classified as a professional, if we're being technical about things.
  • Kylle Raman

    Kylle Raman

    Tutor in Mathematics and Physical Science. He has extensive experience in tutoring Grade 10 to 12, he has a background in Engineering studies and is pursuing a career in Data science. He has a passion for helping individuals understand concepts in a way that best suits their learning styles. His love for people and a good vibe makes him a 'one of a kind' tutor.