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Who Are We?

Breakout Academy, established on 1 June 2020, is a tutoring business that was created out of the desire and passion to better the lives of individuals following the pandemic, COVID-19. Here at Breakout Academy, we offer lessons in Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, all Sciences subjects, Geography and IT across all grades. As the founders of the academy, we believe that your success is limitless, and that the only thing that stands in its way is your conscious decision to bring it to a halt.

What We Do Best

Our Directors

  • Connie Changwa

    Connie Changwa

    English & Afrikaans
  • Eugene Msipa

    Eugene Msipa

    I.T , C.A.T & Geography
  • Kylle Raman

    Kylle Raman

    Maths & Science
  • Mikal Subramoney

    Mikal Subramoney

    Maths & Science

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